Our manufacturing facilities are supervised by technically experienced people and high level quality standards are adhered to, using the modern inspection facilities available in house which includes hardness tester, metallography hardenability tester, spectroscopy, etc
We have installed state-of-art furnace to make annealed, normalized and Stress relieved bars.

The CD (Cold Drawing) process begins with the pickling followed by pointing then drawing on the draw bench and finally straightening. The Dimensions are controlled within the specified tolerance on the CD mill. We can also supply precisely cut to length bars, flats, etc using the CNC cutting machines available in-house. We have also installed Muffle furnace, Microscope, Jominy end quench apparatus to test hardenability.

We also have the following facilities in our new plant

Wire drawing bull block

Turk head - 4 TH and 5 TH

Pit furnace - Annealing and Normalizing

Patenting furnace - 5 stands - 2 to 6mm

Cold rolling mill - capacity 3mm to 14mm

Cutting and straightening machines - 4mm to 12mm

Rod straightening – Dia 5mm to 75mm

Bell type furnace - 6 meter length - 6 tons